2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Rigid Radiance Light

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Rigid Radiance Light 2

Each switch has a blunt-cut wire that is located near the power distribution box under the hood. When installing accessories, you can connect your hot wire from the accessory to the wire from the desired switch. You will then need to connect your ground wire to an appropriate grounding point.

SwitchCircuitWire Color
Aux 1 CBB47A Green/Blue
Aux 2 CBB48A  Gray/Yellow
Aux 3 CBB94  Violet/Orange
Aux 4 CBB96 Brown/Blue
Aux 5 CBB98A Gray/Orange
Aux 6 CBBA0B Yellow/Violet

First, you will need the following tools:

Wire Striper

Butt Connector

14 or 16 Gauge Wire

Split Loom Flex-Guard Tubing

heat shrink tubing

and Following Parts:

Rigid 20204 or Rigid 20200 or Rigid 20202 or Rigid 20201 or Rigid 20203

Mounting Bracket Rigid 41611

The Rigid Radiance Ligts has 3 wires, Red Wire is for Main Light , White Wire is for Back Light, Black Wire is Ground Wire, You can Wire the Main Light and Back Light into One Switch, so you can turn both lights on at same time, or  you can wire the Main Light and Back Light into Individual Switch,so you can control what light you want to turn on ,here we will show the way to wire to lights into two individual Switch.

Rigid Radiance Pod Light Wires

The wiring diagram will help you understand how it works,it’s basically all parallel circuits.

Wiring Diagram

Then please see image below for more details.

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Wiring Diagram

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