Sparco knows how to optimally design the seat shell using, as appropriate, pre-impregnated carbon, short-fibre forged carbon or fibreglass.

Supercar drivers want seats that allow them to feel the performance, handling and reactions of their car both on the race track and on normal roads. At the same time, increasing attention is placed on comfort when driving long distances, facilitating the driving experience as much as possible. That is why ergonomic studies are so important for the engineers who design Sparco seats.

Sparco designed and developed the first adjustable sport seat in carbon fibre for supercars, brilliantly passing the type approval tests and safety and duration tests of the most important car manufacturers.

Since then, Sparco has been a supplier of prestigious brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Bentley, Audi, McLaren Cars, Mercedes Benz AMG, Alfa Romeo, Lotus Cars, Koenigsegg, Maserati, Ford and many other car manufacturers.

Sparco seats for supercars have the same DNA, the same technical content and the same capabilities as racing seats: they are light and supportive, but at the same time safe and comfortable. Moreover, they do not renounce luxury at any level, with microfibre or exclusive leather upholstery and finishing details in quality materials.

Since 2010, Sparco has been providing sport seats for Supercars with side airbags and up to 12 different settings, heating and cooling systems and comfort functions such as lumbar adjusters.

Riding the continuous evolution of technology, Sparco acquired leadership by being the first to offer a load bearing structure in short fibre carbon, on the standard seat of the Lamborghini Aventador.

Today, Sparco is the only manufacturer to offer seats with side airbags encased in a real carbon fibre cover, ensuring uninterrupted aesthetics and top-level safety performance.

The range of SP-X composite seats, based on common contents that allow development times and investments to be kept to a minimum, allows any car manufacturer to adopt a light, sporty seat with any appearance and comfort level. The production flexibility of the Sparco group allows the best technologies for any of cost and production volume target to be selected.

The quality of Sparco sport seats is not just the ``icing on the cake`` of the production process, but rather a mentality that starts with the seat design and permeates all manufacturing processes up to the end of production and the related controls. 

Seats and carbon parts are designed according to the DFMEA and PFMEA methodology, which allows any design and production errors to be detected and corrected before they occur.

Following project validation, qualification tests and product approval formalities are initiated, according to the demanding PPAP methodologies imposed by car manufacturers.

Sparco is ISO/TS:16949 certified in all its OEM plants for the development and production of carbon fibre seats and components.

On top of this basic structure, every Supercar manufacturer has its own requirements, which the Sparco quality team implements and harmonises with our processes.